Learning About The Mens Mountain Bike

The mountain bike was made as an alternative to the street bicycle and BMX style stunt bikes. The mens mountain bike can not only be ridden on paved roads, but also, the bikes are versatile on dirt trails, rocks, bumpy roads and steep hills. The mountain bike is built to handle off-road stress. This is handle through various types of bike shock absorbers and framework design. The bike has evolved over time for cross country racing, downhill biking, free-range biking and mountain bike track competitions.

Frame Styles

There are four categories of mountain bikes. One form of design is the full rigid framework. The frame has no suspension, a fixed rear and rigid front end fork. The hardtail design comes with no suspension in the rear and a fork suspension in the front. The soft tail frame design has a compact rear suspension. The suspension is activated through rear flexible shock aligned below the seat. The full suspension is the most popular framework design. This design includes a front and rear shock suspension.

Choosing a Bike

When selection a mens mountain bike to buy, there are a number of factors to choose from. Examine your finances to ensure you can afford the purchase. Mountain bikes can range from $100 to $1,000's of dollars. The more expensive bikes are made of an alloy steel and titanium. Custom made bikes are made from bamboo. Lower priced options include carbon fiber and aluminum. Another factor is brand. Brands include Mongoose, Kona and Keswick in the United Kingdom.


Mountain bike tires are manufactured to be lightweight and strong. There are various brands of mountain bike tires, however, they all have the same functionality. The tires are typically created with thick knobby treads. This is useful to handle rough terrain. The tires are built to handle traction against sand, rocks and rough roads.



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