How to identify fake Sony memory duo products

In the last few years there has been a flood of fake Sony Memory Duo products onto the market which has resulted in countless heartaches and problems when trying to transfer information.

The speeds can be problematic, data can be lost or become corrupted and in extreme cases serious damage has been causes to Memory Duo ports. Some of these fakes are so good that even experienced retailers and suppliers find it hard to tell them apart so we decided to come up with a quick check list to help you.

  1. The price - if something is too good to be true then it most likely is. This applies to memory sticks as well. If a product is less than 50% the price of the recommended retails price of a Sony Memory Duo then you need to take a long hard look at why!
  2. Genuine Sony products come with a large staple like seal which is heat sealed and shrink wrapped. Look out for adhesive tape or glues holding seals together without the official Sony logo.
  3. Fake Sony Memory Duo sticks have a different capacity to real ones. Real 2GB memory sticks memory have 1909MB or 1910MB where as the fake ones have a capacity of 1948MB or 1959MB
  4. Fake memory sticks have a much slower transfer speed. This is one of the main issues and fake ones can be up to 25% slower, with expected transfer rates of about 80 Mbps

There a minor differences in the packaging and the size of the fake units but without a real one to compare it to it can be very very difficult to tell them apart.

I suggest only purchasing Sony memory duo products from Trusted online retailers or from vendors with a good reputation.


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