Megaupload war rages on

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is promising to fight the FBI all the way in the USA’s attack on the file-sharing site. The German-born internet entrepreneur is presently resisting extradition from New Zealand to face charges in the US.

He told The Guardian that he is prepared for an extended legal fight. "This whole case is built on malicious conduct," he claimed. "It is a stillborn case and everyone can see it. I am in a fighting mood and if I get my assets unlocked or somehow find funding to defend myself I am going to war."

Dotcom alleges that the case against him was instigated by US vice-president Joe Biden at the insistence of Hollywood studios who claimed that films were uploaded illegally on the Megaupload site. The Motion Picture Association of America rejected the suggestion that they were behind the prosecution.

Dotcom also accuses the Americans of developing an international vendetta gainst his company. "They have been misleading the Hong Kong and New Zealand government to destroy a legitimate business and 220 jobs by telling them stories about child pornography and terrorist propaganda on Megaupload," he said.

An Auckland judge decreed that the raid on his house in New Zealand was conducted illegally, and that the FBI had acted inappropriately in cloning Megaupload hard drives.

Dotcom had offered to travel to the US of his own free will to answer charges if his funds were unfrozen, but meanwhile is fighting extradition. "Considering the way the US government has conducted their case and the way I was treated, I never expect to get a fair trial in the United States," he said.

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