Megan Fox in the bath

Most of the time, the stories you find on DigitalEdge are rich with wonder and delight at the things the human mind can accomplish in the pursuit of wasting a bit of time during the day. It might be an ace new video game, or some sort of app for the iPhone that changes EVERYTHING forever. However, this story has a little relevance regarding tech news as anything you might read on the internet. What it is does have though, is Megan Fox in a bath, looking really hot. What more could any geek ask for, eh?

The video is ostensibly an advert for Motorola’s MotoBlur social network integration and the Devour, which boasts Google Android and is loads more exciting than one of the hottest film stars on the planet in a bath, clearly. Anyway, Fox decides to take a picture of herself in a bath, coquettishly asking the audience what would happen if she sent out the image through the network. The answer being men looking at their phones, gobsmacked and one teenage boy mysteriously locked away in his bedroom. But why, prey tell?

This is about as much as should be written about a woman in a bath really, so just watch the video and thank us later.

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