Meet the new tab... same as the old tab

We don't know about you but, less than six months after the release of the Motorola Xoom, we're thoroughly bored of Android tablets. They all look the same, have the same specs, run the same software, and generally have almost nothing to differentiate them.

A case in point? The Dell Streak 10. The American PC giant just showed off its new tablet, its first running proper tablet software. (It did release the original Streak last year, a weird 5-inch tablet touting a phone version of Android.) And it's all a bit meh.

Don't get us wrong - there's nothing wrong with the Streak 10. It has a 1GHz processor, just like most rival tablets; it has 1GB of RAM, just like most rival tablets; it has a 1280x800 screen, with tough 'Gorilla Glass' coating, just like most rival tablets. In fact, you're probably picking up on the problem: it's just like most rival tablets.

Pretty much the only thing we could find that differentiates the Dell Streak 10 from, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is that it has a full-size SD card slot. Most tablets either have a slot for a MicroSD, or no slot at all. But forgive us if that's not enough to send us rushing to the stores.

The Streak 10 is only going to be available in China for the time being, so perhaps Dell'll cook up something more exciting for Europe and the US. But right now this looks like the latest reminder that the iPad is up against a bunch of perfectly adequate, but profoundly unexciting, Android-powered rivals. Hopefully the introduction of Android 4.0, 'Ice Cream Sandwich', will liven things up later this year - it's expected to work with screens of any size, opening the gates for a bit more experimentation.

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