Meet the Lorus Quartz travel alarm clock range

When you are away from home, for business or pleasure, it is always important to wake up on time. That is where theLorus quartz travel alarm clock range comes in.

Lorus are one of the biggest names in the clock making business providing, as they have, years of top quality digital and analogue clocks of all shapes and sizes.

The Lorus range of travel alarm clocks is vast. You can find whatever colour or size you want, choose between digital or analogue and even get one with a case! To check out the full selection head to their UK site at bablas.co.uk.

Clocks range in price from the basic Beep alarm clock for £10 up to a beautiful classic bell clock for £20 - all of which are great value and feature luminous hands, loud alarms and volume control.

If like me you are always on the look out for a bargain, be sure to check out eBay for the latest and greatest deals on your Lorus Travel alarm clocks. A quick search on eBay.co.uk brings up a variety of Lorus alarm clocks for cheaper then the official dealer. As always, ensure your seller has a good history.

Remember as well that these clocks require batteries (usually 2xAA), so be sure to pick them up before your clock arrives.

Taking your clock with you travelling will make waking up easier and much less stressful, and with the quality of Lorus you can be sure that your clock will provide years of stress free mornings.

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