Meet the BlogFire Bloggers: Richard's festival of film

What better occasion to introduce our next BlogFire blogger than the 60th birthday of Cannes Film Festival.

Why? Because Richard Brunton is a guy from Edinburgh who loves films. Full stop. He’s written throughout his life in various guises, began blogging on the 19th September 2004 and soon after started writing for a mainstream movie site. He loves all types of cinema, from Hollywood to the Far East, from Horror to documentary, and going to the cinema still excites him as much now as when he was a boy.

Packed with film news, feature articles and reviews, Filmstalker is Richard’s passion. With a community of avid film fans the blog encourages users to engage in discussion around hot topics. Reviews are informative and in-depth, and never knowingly contain spoilers or plot revelations unless clearly marked with warnings! Filmstalker was also shortlisted this year for a Brit Blog Award.

If you want the latest from the entertainment, football and gadget worlds, BlogFire is a great place to start. You can catch up with reality TV latest on Unreality TV or wax lyrical with Al and his Coolest Gadgets.


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