Meet the BlogFire Bloggers: Doug's got pop star talent

Doug Robertson has been obsessively buying music from an early age and got to the stage where he had more CDs than space. A fact which makes him happy, but is not so popular with the people investigating the strangely localised case of subsidence in his town.

His favourite songs change on a daily basis, largely depending on what has cropped up recently on his iPod. He's also been blogging obsessively since June 2003. Which WebTwitcher thinks merits him some kind of persistence award.

This is Doug at the pub.

Doug's blog, Talent in a Previous Life, is either a hilarious look at the goings on the world of pop music or the jealous ramblings of someone bitterly lashing at those more successful and popular than himself. It's a point of view thing, really. Either way it's a unique hotchpotch of music criticism, opinion, satire and some really bad puns. Mainly the latter, really, if we're honest. Fortunately we love bad puns.

You'll find all of Doug's latest musings on BlogFire, along with Al's Coolest Gadgets, Lisa's reality TV gossip, Richard's film reviews and Barry's football reports (along with WebTwitcher's daily ramblings of course). A very nice UK blog digest indeed!


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