Meet the BlogFire Bloggers: Barry's on the ball

So far you've met Lisa and Al, blogging away on Unreality TV and Coolest Gadgets respectively.

Today we thought we'd introduce Barry Curran, who writes The Football Blog (aka A Funny Old Game). Topical for a Monday morning while the dust settles around Chelsea's 1-0 win over Manchester United. (Which, according to the Sun didn't please Jose Mourinho much at all. He must still be pining over his pooch who he sent to St. Tropez recently.)

Anyway, back to BlogFire. Barry's been a life long fan of the beautiful game, since he saw one live for the first time. A lot of titles have been won and lost since then and the game is continually changing, not always for the greater good, which gives him plenty to debate. He's still dreaming of the day his team wins some silverware.

Football is a funny old game, a game of two halves, but enough of the clichés. Barry has set up the Football Blog not just to bring football fans news on the latest happenings in international football, but also to give readers a platform to voice their opinions and news on their team to the world . For our friends across the big pond, this is a soccer blog. Featuring round balls only.

And as a quick reminder, you'll also find a selection of top entertainment blogs on Excite UK's BlogFire page, including Filmstalker and Talent in a Previous Life.

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