Meet the BlogFire Bloggers: Al's got Cool Gadgets

Are you a gadget fanatic? Do you drool over the latest and greatest inventions in shop windows (on and offline). Does your other half scold you for unnecessary purchases?

If so, then you're in good company with Al Carlton, blogging on Coolest Gadgets and selected especially for your reading pleasure on Excite UK's BlogFire. From folding helmets and cuckoo clocks inspired by The Shining to the latest iPod trends, the Coolest Gadgets team has it covered.

Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January, before then he was a software engineer. Nowadays he spends the day browsing the web for gadgets, creating new sites and looking for cool trade shows to loaf around. He enjoys Hold 'Em Poker but has a tendency to go "All in" when he should really know better.

Coolest Gadgets is dedicated to reporting on the latest products and tech news in the world of consumer electronics and gadgets. The slogan is the "Ongoing search for the coolest gadget" and plenty have been found along the journey, though deciding which is the coolest is another matter.

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