Meet Aiko the female robot

Are you just too busy to find the perfect partner? Well you could take a leaf out of Canadian inventor Le Trung's book. The 33-year-old former software programmer has built his own female robot called Aiko to take care of his household needs.

Aiko has a 32-23-33 figure, a 13,000 phrase vocabulary in both English and Japanese, can recognise people's faces and is also a maths genius. The robot is built from silicone and A.I. Technology created by Trung himself.

The boffin says that he decided to create Aiko because he never had the time to meet a real life partner. He had to take out huge loans in order to build the fembot which has so far cost somewhere in the region of £14,000.

While Aiko is touch sensitive, Mr Trung has claimed that he didn't build her to be a sexual partner, but after spending all that money you kind of have to hope that he has at least had a go.

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