The Meerkat motion bike; a great way to get around!

The Meerkat Motion bike is an incredible way to get around. Meerkat are beginning to really get their name out and about as far as electronic bikes go.

People have always tried to make a decent electronic bike, while there have been a few they have never really had a modern look. Realistically, the idea is actually really good. You can go for a long cycle and should you come across any hill that is a little too steep, just flip it into motor mode and off you go.

There has always been something inherently un-cool about electronic bikes though. This is the reason that they never really took off. While this type of bike makes perfect sense because they're so easy to charge, looks seems to keep killing off their chances of success with consumers.

It seems that Meerkat have noticed this problem and addressed it accordingly. These bikes look and feel like any other mountain bike on the market. People have started to buy them and reviews across the internet are all really positive.

With a sturdy 19.5 inch frame, front suspension fork, Currie Electro-Drive 200W motor of course people are starting to take notice. All you have to do to kick the engine into gear is pull back on the twist grip handle.

The bike is capable of 15mph and can last up to about 25miles on one charge. The motor can easily be charged from home and considering that the bike is meant for short bursts of power, you can actually get a lot more from the battery.

It's no surprise that the Meerkat is selling very well, who would want a bike with the option of switching to motor driven at any time? Check out the Merkat Motion bike online!

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