We take a look at the Meerkat E Motion City Electric 7 Speed Cycle

With the roads becoming more and more congested for cars, as well as the ever increasing fuel prices, many people are now turning to good old fashioned bicycle travel in order to get them to and from work every day. However, for some people at least, the distance between their home and work is often just a little too far to reasonably expect someone to cycle to and from each and every day.

That's where this new breed of bicycle comes in, the electric bike with pedal assistance for the battery powered engines. Today we're going to take a look at the Meerkat E Motion City Electric 7 Speed Cycle, which is available for around £499.99 from your local bike supplier.

With a nineteen inch unisex frame, it should be suitable for most riders, although it must be noted that it does look more than a little feminine. So much that we'd actually question whether it is in fact a ladies bike that has just been given the name "unisex" in order to double the potential target market.

Minor aesthetic quibbles aside, it's a surprisingly well built bicycle, but then it would probably need to be given all the additional cables and wiring it needs to have running through it in order to power the Currie Electro-Dive Motor which is controlled by the handle mounted grip twist throttle.

You won't break any land speed records with its 15 miles per hour top speed, but it certainly does come in handy having an engine to help you when you're cycling into a particularly strong wind, or up a steep incline.

Whether or not this is the bike for you very much depends on how much value you place on the fairly weedy motor. It's only got a range of about 20 miles, so if you live any further than ten miles from work it's probably best you look at an alternative.

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