What's the best operating system for mobiles? iOS? Android? A lot of computery types would name a system you've probably never heard of: MeeGo.

Designed as an open-source alternative to Android and iOS, MeeGo is the brainchild of Nokia and Intel, who combined their respective Maemo and Moblin projects last year to form the new OS. But the project was torpedoed in January when, after a lot of hand-wringing, Nokia announced they were dumping MeeGo in favour of Windows Phone for their future smartphones.

At first, Intel promised to persevere with the platform. But now there are reports in the often-reliable DigiTimes that the company has decided to 'temporarily' (hmm) halt development of the OS.

Of course, it really could be temporary, if Intel succeed in recruiting another hardware partner to lead development. Otherwise, we fear for the future of our plucky little hero of an OS. Though we must admit, it never made that much sense for a chip company to be developing an operating system anyway...

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