Media goes Potter mad but Granger mainia wins

Scouting around today's top news, it appears Harry's once-upon-a-time-eyebrow-challenged partner in wizarding wizbits, Emma Watson, has become something of an online hit. The Telegraph announces she's rich enough to retire. At 17. Nice.

The Sun, in true flag flying style, notes her allegiance to the Union Jack with few cheeky snaps from her LA outing and Web User points out that Granger mania has hit the web.

That certainly seems to be the case, with more searches in the UK for Emma Watson than Paris Hilton in the past two weeks, according to Hitwise. Poor old Paris, still fresh out of the clink and pipped at the top of the search charts by a half muggle.

Even Time magazine can't resist a bit of Potter banter, (WebTwitcher realises she has also fallen foul of the spell) as hype around the next film, out on Friday 13th, hits fever pitch.


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