MC Hammer is back

Packed with slow-motion tutorials on how to hone your dancing skills, DanceJam is a new site hoping to cash in on the resurgence of dance in popular culture.

And MC ‘Hammer Time’ Hammer is part of the team launching the site worldwide (it’s at invite-only Beta stage at the moment).

We thought of a couple of other social networking ideas on the back of this news:
• PantoJam – slow-motion tutorials to help z-list celebs hone their panto skills. Paul Danan is fronting this one – oh no he isn’t…
• JamJam – slow-motion tutorials to help would-be jam-makers get up to speed with the intricacies of making preserves. A nice, middle-aged French lady is going to front this one (she’s the Bonne Maman mascot)
• SpamJam – slow-motion tutorials teaching students and the poor on how to make a tin of Spam go further. Fronted by Geoff Capes, who is a great advert for having plenty of meat in your diet.

(Image: from metal4rock’s flickr stream)

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