Max Payne 3 delayed again

Games publisher Take Two has announced, to the general surprise of no-one, that Max Payne 3 will be delayed. Again. At this point it’s probably not worth your while worrying about when it’s going to come out, as no doubt any time frame they give us isn’t worth a snotty, tear-stained tissue to them. The cruel, heartless buggers.

The publisher released some financial stuff today, and in it they claimed that the third instalment of everyone’s favourite gruff detective series is probably going to be released for the ‘the fourth quarter of fiscal 2010’, which means in normal speak that it’s supposed to be ready for the shop shelves at some point between summer and autumn. However, take our advice and don’t hold your breath, as you’ll kill yourself.

Elsewhere, the company revealed which games will be released in the new year, with Bioshock 2 and Red Dead Redemption given release dates (9 February and 27 April, respectively) and Mafia II set to be released in the first half of 2010. So it’s not all bad news.

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