Mattel Scrabble and Scrabulous scrap it out on Facebook

The war over the only real reason to keep using Facebook, i.e. Scrabulous, looks set to intensify after RealNetworks, one of Scrabble's copyright owners, released an authorized version of the word game on Facebook.

Scrabulous, an unlicensed online version of Scrabble, developed by Rajat and Jayant Agarwalla has quickly become an internet classic despite pressure from the game's owners Mattel and Hasbro.

So far things haven't gone well for Mattel's Scrabble application. It seems that it can't be used by Facebookers in the US and Canada as Hasbro owns the rights to the popular word game in those two countries.

This has irked many of the users who have left reviews on Mattel Scrabble's Facebook page. The comments range from the rather direct, "This version sucks. I hate you", to the more thoughtful, "Well, I thought that this was great at first. Unfortunately, most of my word game friends live in the U.S. and they can't play!"

While it could be argued that these comments represent only an angry minority the figures don't lie. Scrabulous is played by over 600,000 people every day while Scrabble by Mattel has so far only managed to notch up 2,436 daily users. 1-0 to Scrabulous then.

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