Matman: Arkham City announced

Video games and the movie industry have something of an odd relationship: both mediums seem to be fascinated with the other, with Hollywood repeatedly trying and failing to bring the success of games to the big screen (Street Fighter, anyone?) while most movie tie-in games are so bad that they make excellent coasters, and little else. There are however, a few triumphs, of which include the LEGO series and Batman: Arkham Asylum, one of 2009’s best, in a year of great games.

Fans of the puzzler/platformer/beat-‘em-up will be delighted to learn that not only is a sequel on its way (you surely already knew that, right?), but that it’s been named Batman: Arkham City, which will take place in heavily fortified mini-city within Gotham itself. They are also these delicious looking covers courtesy of Game Informer, which reveal that both Two Face and Catwoman will be part of the story, while more eagle-eyed nerds among you will have noticed the SIONIS sign, which suggests that the Black Mask will be involved too.

Less good news is that the game won’t be out until next autumn. Yes, that’s autumn 2011, which means we have ages to wait until we get to strap on the bat suit again and fight baddies. Bah.

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