Masterchef demand fries BBC iPlayer

The BBC’s much-trumpeted new iPlayer has impressed in the early rounds, but can it cope under pressure? The answer seems to be “not quite”. As Masterchef came to a climax this week – Emily was robbed, ROBBED! – there was huge online demand from people wanting to see the penultimate episode before the final aired. But the iPlayer’s nerves let it down on the big stage, and a backlog built up that left tetchy customers sitting in front of their PCs hungry for shouty light entertainment and inappropriate soft-House musical overlays.

"We did have a number of delivery problems over the past 24 hours and, unfortunately, Masterchef for last night is stuck in a queue of content still waiting to go live," wrote a sacrificial lackey on the BBC’s message boards.

You might get away with that at home, but is it really BBC-level service? iPlayer – you’re going home.

(Image: from Jon’s pics’ flickr stream)

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