Massively Multiplayer Marvel

The trouble with MMOs - despite the fact that they eat your life in terrifying ways - is that we never really want to be in the world they conjure up. Whether it's ghouls and goblins or aliens, or just regular people Second Life-style, we're never really compelled to spend time in the world being created. But what if it was a world you'd spent ages in already, as a reader?

What if the world was the Marvel Universe? That'd be pretty sweet.

What if Marvel was making a MMO based on the universe of its comics, starring scores of its best heroes and villains? What if let you play loads of great superheroes - from Thor to Spider-Man - and re-enact some of the great battles of Marvel storytelling?

What if it was being written by Brian Michael Bendis, one of Marvel's coolest current writers?

What if it was free?

What if all of this was true?


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