Marvel at the chaos

We’ve already ran a series of posts about Marvel v Capcom 3, an astoundingly chaotic beat-‘em-up that usually features six characters pounding the ever living poo out of each other, while the player tries to get a grip on what the hell is happening. To add to your no doubt unbelievable levels of excitement, Capcom have announced that two new characters will be on the player roster: Akuma and Tackmaster. No, we don’t know who they are either.

However, should you wish to get your hands on the game and play around with the ridiculously long list of psychotic fighting machines, get yourself down on a pre-order list, as Capcom are dishing out a whole load of goodies. Depending on which shop you pre-order with, you can get your hands on a comic, a T-shirt or a steel book edition of the game. For more details, read this here. It even has pictures.

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