Martins Money Saving broadband options

Martin Lewis refers to himself as a money saving expert. He has a famous web site where he offers buyers the best deals when it comes to phones, vouchers and banking, among other services. This also includes the best deals in broadband internet. If you’re looking for low-priced deals, this is the site for you since you can't get any cheaper than Martins Money broadband picks.

Plus Net Broadband

Plus Net broadband offers excellent value for money. For a monthly payment of £8.57 you get to surf the internet at a maximum speed of 20mbps with a limit of 10GB for downloading during the day. There are no download restrictions at all between 12am and 8am. This deal does not include the modem, which you'll have to buy separately at a price of £30.

Orange Broadband

Orange broadband offers the best economy plan that includes unlimited downloads. This deal consists of 18 months contract with a monthly rate of £18. It also features a maximum speed of 20mbps. The modem is free when signing up for the service. You can use Orange Broadband almost anywhere, since it has 99% coverage in the UK.

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband features a speed of 20mpbs and unlimited downloads for a monthly rate of £15 for the first 12 months. The modem is included in this particular plan. One of the major features of Sky Broadband is that you get 24 hours free tech support if anything goes wrong with your broadband services or with your computer system.

Plus Net Superfast

According to Martin's Money, Plus Net offers the least expensive superfast broadband deal. It offers 40mpbs connection and a 120GB limit for downloads. The modem is not included in the deal (it is an extra cost of £25 to £50 depending on the one you choose to buy). This broadband service was released in April 2011; therefore it currently only covers 15% of the UK. It's advisable to check your area coverage prior to contacting this broadband provider.

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