Marriage, 21st-Century style

Marriage is in decline. It's in all the papers: these days, gay people are pretty much the only ones left who actually want to get married. But what if technology could help revive this moribund institution?

After all, nowadays it's easier to do almost everything because of technology: book a holiday, shop, read, write... but getting married is basically the same complex procedure it was a decade ago. Can't technology help? What if there was a booth you could use? Just pop in some money, fill in a few details, and... off you go?

Well, thank goodness! The AutoWed machine is here! Just pop in a pound coin, type in your names, and moments later out pops a certificate, and the deed is done. Progress!

OK, we jest a bit - the AutoWed is a vaguely terrifying idea, and we're relieved to say that as yet it's just a concept, with (as far as we know) no legal status anywhere. But ten years from now, we might look back on the days getting married took more than thirty seconds with fondness...

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