Mario's fate revealed

Sometimes somebody points something out and you really do have to wonder how you never noticed it yourself. Take the famous box of the original Super Mario Bros, a masterpiece of 8-bit art. We had one when were kids, and in fact we have another one upstairs that we got off eBay one bored afternoon a couple of years ago.

But we've never noticed that Mario is dying in the picture. As CNET reports: 'He's clearly hovering right over a lava pit in Bowser's castle, having just missed a critical jump and soon destined to be crispy. Just looking at the image makes me cringe and is a reminder of how many times I had to restart a level because I couldn't time a jump right.'

Us too. We're now going to go back and check all our other old games for surprising snuff-movie imagery. Is Sonic's over-the-shoulder thumbs-up in the title screen of Sonic the Hedgehog actually the onset of an epileptic fit? We demand to know.

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