Mario: 'Sos pals'

You have to hand it to Nintendo. The big N has had a torrid time of things lately, with the launch of the 3DS a rather embarrassing flop leading to an unusually early and expensive price cut of around a third announced this week (don't rush to GAME yet - the price cut doesn't actually take effect till August 12). And of course, news of the cut infuriated those - like Isiah-Triforce Johnson - who'd queued up to buy a 3DS at the moment of release.

But in fairness to Nintendo, they're doing their best to make sure superfans don't feel disadvantaged. They've announced a scheme to declare those who buy a 3DS before August 12 - or already have one - 'ambassadors', and offer them a suite of free NES and Game Boy Advance games to download - the GBA games expected to be exclusive to 'Ambassadors'.

And now Nintendo's CEO Satoru Iwata has offered what seems like quite a heartfelt apology to big Ninty fans about the whole unpleasant business. In a letter on the company's website today he writes, 'In the past, there have been price drops for video game systems some time after their release in order to broaden the user base further. However, never before has Nintendo chosen to issue such a dramatic price drop less than 6 months after a system release.

We are all too keenly aware that those of you who supported us by purchasing the 3DS in the beginning may feel betrayed and criticize this decision. Those customers who purchased the 3DS at the very beginning are extremely important to us.' He goes on to explain the ambassadors scheme before admitting, 'We know that there is nothing we can do to completely make up for the feeling that you are being punished for buying the system early.'

Are you an early 3DS adopter smarting at the price cut news? Are you placated by Iwatu's statement? Let us know in the comments, why don't you?

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