Mario Kart for real

We actually saw CTA Digital’s Wii Inflatable Kart a few days back, but thought that seeing as we only had a sort of lame picture of a blow up go-kart, it was barely worth a paragraph, let alone a whole story for our dear readers. However, now we have a cheesy YouTube video of a pair of American trying to flog the thing to you, it’s definitely worth writing about (and not just for the fit young lady either).

Just check out how uncomfortable the hot female host looks in that thing, as she cranes her neck up to the sky to watch the appalling positioned TV: this thing is for kids, lady. The kart will cost you $40, which seems a bit steep, but the money will be going to a good cause – Kids Are Heroes – as well as to eight-year-old Ricky Springer, who apparently races karts in aid of fellow sufferers of Eosinophilic Gastrointestinal Disorder. So in actual fact you’d be a heartless ogre if you don’t buy it.

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