Mario Kart 8 Cheats and Tips

There are many different Mario Kart 8 cheats and tips that are available. This is Wii U's fastest selling game. It has 32 courses and 26 vehicles to choose from. There are 4 new items that drivers can collect:

  • Boomerang Flower which can be thrown up to 3 times to hit drivers.
  • Piranha plant which chops up obstacles and drivers in the way and gives the driver a short speedboost
  • Superhorn which sends radial shockwaves that hits drivers and clears obstacles
  • Crazy Eight generates 8 items for the driver to use

The most important addition to this edition though is the antigravity capabilities in different sections of the game. Drivers are now able to drive on almost any surface such as walls and ceilings. There is so much to try out and experiment with!


This is just a sampling of the Mario Kart 8 cheats and tips.

Having a strong start at the beginning of the race is extremely important. To get the starting speed boost, hold down the accelerator as soon as the number 2 drops. Be careful though. If you hit the accelerator too early you will spin out, so timing is extremely important.

Throughout the race try and collect as many coins as you can. Each coin collected will help boost your speed. Every 50 that you collect wil unlock vehicle parts until you reach a certain number of coins.

Mario Kart 8 has the same 16 mainstay characters and 14 unlockable characters. For a full list of what cups need to be won in order to unlock the specfici characters, check out this link.


In regards to defensive playing, hold down ZL when you have a single shell or banana and it will keep it behind the kart to act as a defense against things thrown at you from behind. It does not protect you on the sides though.

You can also steal boosts from others. If another driver has 3 mushrooms or the crazy 8 boost around their kart, hit them and steal it off of them.

Shortcuts: check out IGN's 30 shortcuts in 3 minutes.


Another tip would be to stay on the inside part of the track rather than taking the boost track on the outside. Staying tight on the inside can often be faster.

In Toad Harbor there are trams that most drivers avoid so they don't get hit. But they can be used to your advantage if you land on the roof of the trams when you are airborne after coming off a ramp or boost. By performing a flip you will get an extra boost as well.

For those that are strong players and need more of a challenge, try and set the goal of unlocking mirror mode. This is a mode that allows you to play a reversed version of every track. In order to do this though, you need to achieve gold cups for all 8 grand prix races.

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These are just a few of the many Mario Kart 8 cheats, tips, and tricks that are out there. Keep your eyes out for hidden routes, boosters, and tricks that you or other gamers like yourself may find over time. With all the different goals to work for and part and levels to unlock, this should keep you entertained for hours on end. Enjoy!

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