Manchester United fan drives 400 miles for fake Facebook lover

A Manchester United fan from Sheffield drove 400 miles to have a tryst with a woman he met on Facebook only to find out that the mystery lady was part of prank by two Liverpool fans he had met on holiday. Stuart Slann, 39, drove from Sheffield to Aberdeen after arranging to meet the fictitious girl 'Emma' on the popular social networking site.

The elaborate hoax was set up by two Liverpudlians that Slann had met in Mexico. The pair created a fake Facebook account, began flirting with Slann and then finally decided to arrange a 'meeting' between the gullible Man U supporter and their made up temptress.

When Slann arrived in Aberdeen after a nine hour drive the Scouse hoaxers made him wait another three hours in the middle of the countryside before finally calling their victim and letting him in on the truth. Slann is married, but his wife is reported to be looking for a divorce after the story went public.

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