Manchester set to become UK blogging capital

Manchester is fast becoming the hub of the UK's best bloggers. A quick visit to Manchester Bloggers, a collection of the city's blogging personalities, will give you an overview of just how active the blogsphere is.

The Mancunians even kicked off their first ever Manchester Blog Awards this month, as reported on (and, WebTwitcher believes, organised by) the fantastic Manchizzle. Why local blog awards? Apparently the city's fast-growing collection of bloggers are doing some really great writing and photography, and the awards provided the recognition they deserved for it. It's hoped this will become an anual event too, so WebTwitcher will be watching with interest to see how this community of bloggers develops.

Even the Beeb is jumping on the Manchester blogging bandwagon, with its BBC Manchester Blog. And of the bloggers scooping the glittering prizes at the Manchester Blog Awards? Blog of the Year went to the excellent The 43 - travels on the 43 bus. Best Personal Blog went to A Free Man in Preston. Also take a look at the shortlisted blog of Keris Stainton, who's on a mission to review 52 books in a year.


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