Mana from heaven

Ah, 1993. The peak of SNES mania, and a little game snuck out that quietly blew the critics away: The Secret of Mana. The sequel to a forgotten little RPG, it was immediate, playable, big and complex - the best SNES RPG since A Link To The Past, the platform's dose of Zelda. It was great, basically, and guess what? We never got a copy, spending our Christmas game ration that year on some other nonsense.

Well, woo! Because, in line with the growing trend, it's out on the gaming platform of the moment - no, not the DS or Wii, the bloomin' iPhone. The iPhone app version is a full port of the SNES original, with on-screen controls replacing - pretty effectively, we hear - the pad and buttons of Nintendo's beloved console. It's in the app store Right Now!, for £5.49, which may seem a lot for an old game, but flippin 'eck, it was £45 when it came out, and that was in 1993 money so that's gawd knows how much now. You young folk don't know you're born! Etc.

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