Man Vs Machine, of Kramnik, chess and sex

In case the current world battle between man and machine has escaped your notice, chess world champion and pawn king Vladimir Kramnik is being beaten by Deep Fritz, the chess machine, in a war to end all wars for world dominance.

And of the blogs to follow for chess enthusiasts? Visit Chess Lodge and The Closet Grandmaster for all things chess flavoured and add their RSS feeds to your MIX if you fancy a dabble at the risque game yourself.

Chess, risque?! Oh, do not underestimate the naughtiness of chess, dear reader. Even K-Fed and Britney are at it (chess that is), and apparently the odd game features on their infamous sex tapes about to surface Pamela Anderson-style, as reported in The Sun.

If this confuses you, read Stephen Moss's analysis of the relationship between chess and sex in his blog on the Guardian. Enlightening.


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