Man puts wife up for sale on eBay

Take my wife - please! A British man who believed that his wife was having an affair with a colleague at work decided to take his revenge out in The Mayor of Casterbridge does Web 2.0 stylee by selling her off to the highest bidder on eBay.

Jealous husband Paul Osborn placed the ad of his wife Sharon under the not entirely euphemistic title 'Sharon Osborn, adulterous, lying, cheating B*TCH WH*RE', accompanied by a none too flattering photo of the aforementioned Mrs Osborn.

Mr Osborn told the Queen's purveyors of truth over at The Sun that he flew into a fit of rage after reading his wife's emails to her alleged lover and decided in the spur of the moment to put her under the online hammer. Bids for La Osborn reached a staggering £500,000 before the advert was removed. But thanks to the magic of internet it will never die. Check it out here.

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