Malaysian granny’s Facebook campaign

Once upon a time, old people were revered for their wisdom. Then computer technology came along, and the elderly got left behind. But they’re back with a vengeance these days, thanks to social networking and the power of the blog.

Take 89-year-old Maimun Yusuf, currently running for parliament in Malaysia. She may get around town on an old bicycle, but she also gets around the world on Facebook –presumably the first people she poked were her 19 great-grandchildren.

Yusuf is going up against the ruling coalition, only armed with a shoestring budget, a handful of volunteers, and the internet. And she’s blogging with the wisdom of age to save Malaysian youth from drugs and encourage them into education.

This is an old woman who really has learned new tricks, and we have only one thing to say to the government of Malaysia: “Listen to your elders and betters.”

(Image: from garryknight’s flickr stream)

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