Making the unmissable, missable

When the recent news broke that Rewatch, an app for the iPhone that enabled users to not only watch any BBC channel but download it all over the 3G network, the cyber geek world was rightfully giddy with joy at the prospect. But according to Electricpig unfortunately the BBC haven’t been as excited by the app, so much so that they have stepped in and stopped Rewatch hitting the app store. A message on the Rewatch website says, ‘due to circumstances beyond our control, we are unable to release rewatch’. Boo Hoo!

But don’t jump on the ‘I pay my license fee too you know’ bandwagon just yet though because the Big British Castle have justified their Cease and Desist order by the exciting impending brand new iPlayer app. Which, if first look and test rumours are to be believed does pretty much everything that Rewatch could have ever done.

The BBC iPlayer app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is expected to released in May and is free to download.

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