Making shopping easier

Once upon a time it was just a simply price search engine, but now one of our favourite features on GoogleGoogle Product Search – has been updated, making it even more handy and generally cool than ever before.

The new system, which is being premiered in the USA just in time for Chrimbo, will see 70 big American retailers offer stock and price information via the search engine, which will allow shoppers to get fast and up-to-date information on where to buy little spoiled Johnny his latest expensive gadget. On top of that Google Shopper 1.3 will help people out an about on their mobiles see where they can get what they want either from nearby stores or online.

But that’s not all: they will soon be rolling out ‘Popular Products’, which will show you what other people are looking at online in the categories you’re viewing, and ‘Aisles’, which will allow you to organise results in sub-categories for a smoother shopping experience. Handy.

‘We’ve partnered with more than 70 retail brands — including national retailers like Best Buy and Williams-Sonoma, as well as software manufacturers like JDA, Epicor and Oracle — to connect shoppers searching online with local stores that have the items they’re are looking for in-stock,’ said Sameer Samat, Director of Product Management on Google Blog. ‘We hope these features make it easier for you to get your shopping done this holiday season—whether it’s online, offline or in the new space in between.’

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