Make a Bank Holiday master plan on your MIX

Blocked roads, rain, queues and Morris Dancers (which WebTwitcher has to admit she finds extremely sinister...there's something not right about men jigging around waving hankies with bells on their feet. Just feels, well, wrong.) Ahhhhh, the Great British August Bank Holiday! However we do have three whole days off work, so use your MIX page to get some of the best ideas before waking up in a panic on Saturday morning.

There are the usual staples in the form of the Notting Hill Carnival, South West Four (tickets sold out but still space at the afterparty) and the International Beatle Week in Liverpool (the original boy band, not the invertebrate kind). If you're in the mood for a bit of UK travel, have a look at Visit Britain's website for some inspiration on where your travels could take you.

For regular updates and ideas on your MIX page, add the Official London Theatre Guide's excellent RSS feed for some theatrical culture, and of course there are a selection of feeds from Lastminute to cover all tastes. If you want to leave the country, Just the Flight has an inspired RSS list, which lets you pick the feed you want from the airport you're after. You'll get regular updates on the best deals from your chosen departure point. Highly recommended service!


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