Major iPhone 4.0 flaw found

When Apple CEO and all round modern day demi-God Steve Jobs unveiled the latest firmware for the iPhone OS 4.0 last week the world of cyber geeks exhaled with great relief at the long awaited ability to multitask between apps. With the OS 4.0 not being available for the common user until the summer (probably when the iPhone 4G is announced) only app developers have been able to have a play with the new software so far.

One major flaw has now reared its ugly head and it’s terrible news if you don’t have an iPhone 3GS. Anything lower than the 3GS (i.e. every other iPhone) doesn’t support multitasking. Jobs himself says that the ‘hardware can’t support it’. Fair enough if this was the case but it’s turned out to be utter codswallop.

According to a chap on Twitter called Chris (@cdevwill), Apple disabled multitasking on 3G phones, citing the internal programming; ‘System/Library/CoreService/SpringBoard.app/N82AP.plist MULTITASKING=FALSE’ but if you can someone how get your curser in there and change FALSE to TRUE then BINGO. You’ll be able to multitask.

Also anyone who has jailbroken their iPhone will tell you they’ve been able to multitask thanks to Backgrounder since day one *bad Steve Jobs*.

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