Three Places to Go to Buy a Mains Alarm Clock

Everybody needs something to wake them up on a morning. While some rely on their phones, others need the sound of the mains alarm clock. There are a variety of clocks on offer so it is worth shopping around to find the best deals. Please note that all prices quoted are as of September 2011.

The best place to start with is commonly Argos. There are a number of different options, whether you want to buy one with an iPod dock attached or whether you just want one with a radio. Take some time to shop online as there are often discounts for this. There are also fun options, like the Monkey Alarm Clock, which is currently priced at £19.99 or there is a Pac-Man Alarm Clock at £14.99.

Another option is to go onto Amazon.co.uk, which offers many different styles of the mains alarm clock. Take your time to shop around on the website since the listings do change on a regular basis. You will also need to look into the details of the seller to ensure you get the product that you are paying for.

Tesco is becoming a popular option when searching for a mains alarm clock. In fact, all the supermarkets now offer a home section. If you are searching for a traditional mains alarm clock, there is the Acctim Metizo Led Alarm Clock, which is on offer at £10. The benefit of buying this from Tesco is that you will also gain the double clubcard points.

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