Mail Goggles solves drunken email problem

We’ve all sent drunken emails after a bit too much vino leading to a bit too much veritas and many apologetic phone calls the next day. Thankfully those crafty boffins over at Google have come up with a novel way to solve the problem.

Mail Goggles, which is available through Gmail, lets the user select the day and the time that they are most likely to be a bit tipsy. It has a default setting of 10 PM and 4 AM from Friday to Sunday.

Before you can drunkenly email your best mate to tell tham that their new squeeze is an idiot, you have to pass a number of tests which Mail Goggles uses to assess if you’re corpus mentis or not. These, unfortunately include maths problems, so no more weekend emailing for numerically illiterate folk ever, sober or not. Why not have a nice Countdown style Conundrum as well?

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