Magical, revolutionary, refunded

Blimey. Is this the second Apple climbdown in a few weeks? It's not long since we told you Apple had revised its App Store guidelines to get rid of controversial restrictions on subscription products.

But this time it's an App Store product, rather than the App Store's guidelines, that's provoked the problem. Yesterday we told you that Apple's latest upgrade to its popular video editing program Final Cut Pro had annoyed professional users by taking away some power features in exchange for a lower price and simpler interface.

Well, now it seems Apple are so taken aback by the fuss that they're actually offering refunds. CrunchGear has an example of the emails being received by complaining users, which read: 'Moving forward, I understand that you are not satisfied with the app 'Final Cut Pro'. I can certainly appreciate you would like a refund, and I would be more than happy to help you out with this today. In five to seven business days, a credit of £179.99 should be posted to the credit card that appears on the receipt for that purchase. Please note that this is a one time exception because the iTunes Terms and Conditions state that all sales are final.'

Despite what the rules say, App Store refunds aren't unheard of - we got one once when an app didn't work on our iPhone 3G. But they're rare, and for Apple to be refunding users such a large sum shows they're sympathetic to power users' complaints. Let's hope those users still have their copy of the last version, Final Cut Pro 7, lying around...

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