Mad Men style

Mobile phones are brilliant! You can take them anywhere! You can tweet on them! You can, er, tune your ukelele with the really fancy ones!

But the modern mobile does lack a certain something, doesn't it? Don't you miss the feel of a nice old-style handset in your hand? Next time your significant other gets on your nerves, wouldn't you like to be able to slam down the phone?

Enter these nifty Moshi Moshi mobile handsets. You plug them into your phone's headphone socket and you can natter away into a lovely red old-style handset. Or, upgrade to the sexy black Bluetooth version for wireless chatter - and it has a base, so you can slam down the phone to end the call!

Gizmodo reckons, in gloriously geeky style, that 'holding these handsets up to my face elevates the importance of every call by at least 15%'.

For the super-nerdy, you can also plug 'em into a PC to use with Skype.

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