MacBook Air falls to hacker

So much for Apple’s famed security. Pitted against two other laptops, the MacBook Air was a definite loser in a recent hacking contest.

A team of researchers cracked open the laptop in just 2 minutes yesterday, citing the Leopard operating system as an easy target.

According to the rules of CanSecWest’s PWN to OWN contest, you hack it, you keep it. Charlie Miller and colleagues from Independent Security Evaluators take home the £2,000 laptop. Oh, and a cash prize of US$10,000.

Easy money? Unfortunately the two minute timeframe doesn’t include the time they spent writing the hacking program in the first place…

Opinion on Apple seems divided. Some users are staunchly defending their favourite operating system, while others feel that they have been let down.

Fortunately the hacking team have signed a confidentiality agreement, and Apple will use info on the hack to improve security on the Air in future.

The other laptops in the contest, running Linux and Vista, remain unhacked so far.

(Image: from FHKE’s flickr stream)

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