Mac App Store launches

When Apple announced the Mac App Store last year, it provoked a lot of anguished hand-wringing in tech circles. Would the Mac become like the iPhone, limited to Apple-approved applications? It quickly became clear that, no, you'd still be able to buy applications for your Mac in the normal way, and in fact lots of big, expensive applications would be cheaper outside the App Store because of Apple's cut. The App Store, people predicted, would be for free and cheap little applications, like those you find on iOS devices.

Well, guess what. The Mac App Store launched today, and guess what app has immediately risen to the top of the download chart? Angry Birds. The all-conquering iPhone game has come home to the Mac. Right now thousands of people are sitting at a desk, using a £2000 27-inch Macintosh, playing Angry Birds. We despair, we really do.

In fairness, the App Store itself looks pretty good - well laid-out, easy to use, already packed with over 1000 apps. And we really like the idea of having the updating of our applications taken care of for us - we can't turn our computer on these days without five different programmes demanding to be updated...

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