Lovefilm TV streaming

Lovefilm is great. Where else are you able to find an obscure but classic movie without getting off the couch? Certainly not down the local video shop. However, its one convenience is also its one downfall: if you want to watch the latest Oscar winning film you have to wait for the postman to pop it through your letterbox *I WANT TO WATCH IT NOW!*

Well the incoming Sony Bravia Internet Video TV looks like solving that bugbear, thanks to its ability to stream videos direct from the Lovefilm website - if you have a subscription, of course. The service will come into action on March 17th and if you don’t fancy forking out a bag of cash for an internet-ready telly (they won't be cheap) then another option could be to buy one of the forthcoming internet-ready Blu-ray players.

Or you could wait for the postman, definitely a lot cheaper.

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