LoveFilm coming to PS3

Usually in the world of online media, when something big is announced, the company concerned makes sure that the announcement is heard by just about everybody, especially those people who don’t yet have the appropriate piece of kit. You only have to look at how much news there has been surrounding iPhone apps and Windows Phone 7 stuff to see how it works: tease the public, then hit them with the info deluge.

Someone forgot to tell the press office at LoveFilm, however. The film rental service, which currently has 1.4million members, is apparently coming to the PS3, and we only managed to find out about it after gaming site thesixthaxis.com unearthed a trailer from 21 September that nobody saw called ‘LOVEFiLM is coming to PlayStation 3’. Weird.

Even weirder is that the trailer was subsequently taken down from YouTube by the user, which suggests that LoveFilm want to keep it a dirty secret, or something. In any case if you’re already a member you won’t have to pay any more of the PS3 service, which is nice. We just wish they had told us about this sooner.

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