Love Android? Love Facebook? Get Skyfire

You love Facebook, right? Spend all your time on it? It's annoying having to always go to another website or application to look at it though, isn't it? Wouldn't it be great if it was just there, baked-in to the internet, ever-present?

A few days ago we told you about RockMelt, the new Windows browser - based on Google's Chrome - that builds Facebook right into your browser. Well, now there's something similar for mobile. The browser app Skyfire got a lot of attention when it launched for iPhone a few weeks ago, as it uses a special system to let iPhone users see Flash content that's normally blocked. On Android, of course, Flash works, so SkyFire needs something else to give it a purpose over the built-in browser.

Turns out that something else is deep Facebook integration. Skyfire 3.0 for Android - or 'Skyfire Facebook Edition', as the company nicknames it in the video below - features ever-present 'Like' buttons, suggestions of what's being recommended on Facebook by your friends, and more. Check out the video for a guide to the features.

If you're a Facebook addict, we reckon this looks pretty essential. If you hate it, then you probably want to stay away...

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