Louder iPhone music... anywhere

In a world of electronic wizardry, sometimes it's good to sit back and just marvel at a feat of old-fashioned engineering. Especially if that feat happens to work as a pretty nifty add-on to our favourite electronic gadget.

Take, for example, this Griffin AirCurve Play. This lengthily-named iPhone dock might look slightly pointless when you first unpack it - where's the charging cable? Where's the battery pack? Where are the speakers? What the hell does this thing do?

Well, it makes your iPhone's music louder, just like a lot of other docks. But unlike others, it does it without plugging in or batteries. Magic? Solar power? Naw, engineering. The shape of the dock naturally shapes the soundwaves and directs them outwards for better volume and clarity. It won't enable you to DJ at a party, but should give you enough oomph to use your phone as a bedside radio. Sometimes things without circuits can be useful...

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