Lots of offers on broadband at Tesco

Going to Tesco for bargains is nothing new, after all, thousands of Brits do it every single day. However, what is new is the fact that Tesco is fast becoming a hotbed for bargains in the field of technology, with mobile broadband particularly cheap from their stores right now.

Just to clear up, you won't actually be subscribing to Tesco broadband, you'll only be buying the dongles in their stores, or from their website at http://direct.tesco.com, meaning they can pass on offers and potentially huge savings to the consumer, lets take a look.

Tesco mostly deal in "Pay as you go" dongles, with the company offering starter kits from all the major mobile broadband providers. Most of these start packs offer a few months of included internet access, and they are all a simple case of plugging in the dongle and going online.

One such "Starter Pack" offered by Tesco is the T Mobile Mobile Broadband Stick 610 - Starter Pack. In this pack you get three months subscription to T Mobile's broadband service out of the box, with their generous download allowances. Their mobile dongle also allows you to attach a micro SD card, so you can keep your photos and files with you at all times. The starter pack costs just £45 pounds, which is a bargain considering the three months included internet access!

That is just one of the many and varied dongles on sale from Tesco today. So check out their Tesco Direct site for the full range.

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