Lost is found on Sky One, get the gossip online

The phenomenally successful and addictive drama Lost has been bought up by Sky One for a staggering £975,000 per episode. That's a grand total investment of £40 million for the show, formally of Channel 4, now finding it's way on to Sky One on Sundays at 10pm.

However fans of the twisted drama plots that kicked off on Sunday aren't just restricted to the television screen to feed their lust for Lost. Lost Blog will keep you up to date on all the latest discussions, developments and gossip. Add the RSS feed to your MIX page if once a week viewing is just not enough. There is even a Lostpedia, the Lost encyclopedia you can lose yourself browsing through. Be warned though, it has "Spoiler Warning" slapped all over it, so if you don't want a head's up from the US, don't go there.

LostCasts is an excellent feed to put on your MIX page too. It's a regularly updated Lost-flavoured podcast, and well worth a look. For conspiracy theory discussion, Lost lovers should definitely visit the official Forum. A great haven online for asking or answering questions.


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